Bernina 560

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Be creative in comfort


BERNINA 560 – a multi-talented all-rounder for sewing, embroidery, and quilting


Large range of stitches, embroidery designs, and functions

Whatever you want to sew or embellish, the BERNINA 560 has a varied range of stitches on offer. With a total of 676 stitches, of which 160 are embroidery stitches, you have a generous selection from which to choose. All stitches can be sewn with a stitch width of up to 9 mm, which is very practical in particular for decorations. In addition, it offers 5 alphabets that can be sewn as well as embroidered. The 70 embroidery patterns can be retrieved in a separate embroidery mode and adjusted using the touchscreen: turning, rotating, mirroring, sizing and other changes are achieved quickly thanks to the intuitive ease of use. Your individually adjusted stitches and embroidery designs are easily and permanently saved using the memory function.

The B 560 comes with a slide-on table and an accessories box

The slide-on table, with its practical click lock, offers ample work surface for a variety of sewing projects and allows a little more comfort when sewing. All sewing tools, such as presser feet, needles, and bobbins, can be stored in the convenient accessories box. There is even room for large presser feet, such as the buttonhole foot. The brackets for the feet are adjustable. The drawers also provide plenty of space for easy storage of tools and small sewing paraphernalia. The accessories box with retractable stand feet is positioned securely on your sewing table with the retractable stand feet. The transparent doors provide a clear overview of all your sewing tools.  

Embroidery module optional

The BERNINA 560 is equipped with the embroidery function as standard and can be enhanced with the embroidery module. 70 embroidery patterns are already integrated into the BERNINA 560's software. Right from the very start, a vast selection of attractive embroidery are patterns for sophisticated embroidery available that you can easily and quickly select using the touchscreen. With this intelligent combination of sewing and embroidery functions on the BERNINA 560, you can design even more versatile sewing projects.

Memory function for your creative ideas

Thanks to the individual setting options of the BERNINA 560, stitches can be changed or combined in a variety of ways to produce so that you can come up with the exact result you want. With the intelligent memory function of the BERNINA 560, these individual stitches, embroidery designs, and stitch combinations are can even be saved after powering off the BERNINA 560 and remain available the next time you start up the machine. The generous 8 MB of memory space offers enough capacity for a large number of stitch combinations. Upload your own embroidery patterns using a USB connection. Impressive possibilities offer you the highest possible degree of individuality and encourage your creativity!

BERNINA stitch regulator function included

With the factory-installed BSR function of the BERNINA 560, upgrading the optional BERNINA stitch regulator (BSR) is possible at any time. The patented BSR is a high-tech presser foot that provides support when sewing freehand. With its recessed transporter, the BSR ensures that the stitch length always remains the exact same length, even if the material is not fed with an even speed. The BSR recognises deviations and compensates for them so that freehand straight and zigzag stitches are always made with an identical stitch length.

Intuitive operation using a modern touchscreen

The BERNINA 560 is equipped with a large, bright TFT touchscreen via which you can retrieve your various functions in the blink of an eye. Using the touchscreen you can easily switch between sewing mode and embroidery mode. Large, informative icons ensure that you can readily find the desired function on the BERNINA 560 without having to look too hard. The self-explanatory touchscreen allows for the intuitive operation of the BERNINA 560. Looking through the manual becomes unnecessary, and even seamstresses with very little experience can swiftly switch between various stitches, embroidery designs and patterns, and functions of the BERNINA 560.

General information

Hook system: RL

Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute): 1000

Length of free arm to the right of the needle: 190mm

Colour touch screen

LED sewing lights: LED

Maximum stitch width: 9

Maximum stitch length: 5

Needle positions: 11

Sewing in each needle position

Fully automatic needle threader 

Number of spool holders: 2

Adjustable presser foot pressure

Automatic thread cutter

Manual thread cuter: 3

Memory (short term/altered stitch) 

Memory (Long term/altered stitch)

Create and save stitch combinations

BSR functionality (straight stitch and zigzag)

Start/Stop button (stitching without foot control)

Slide speed control

Upper thread indicator

Lower thread indicator

USB interface for PC connection

USB interface for USB data stick

Multi function knobs

Changing stitch settings while sewing

BERNINA foot control with back-kick function

Needle stop up/down

Built in needle threader

Bobbin winding while sewing/embroidering 

On-Screen help

Sewing tutorial

Embroidery tutorial

Creative consultant

Personal program

Setup program

Eco mode

Language selection

Stitch control

Instructional CD/DVD

BERNINA free arm slide-on table 

Accessories box/bag

Carrying bag

Sewing and Quilting

Pattern mirroring

Free Hand System (FHS)

Pattern start/end function 

Security function program

Number of stitch patterns (incl. alphabet) total : 700

Utility stitches total: 29

Button holes (including eyelet) total: 11

Automatic button hole length measuring system

Automatic buttonhole

Manual muti-step buttonhole

Button sew-on programme

Darning programmes: 3

Decorative stitches total: 184

Quilting stitches total: 24

Cross-stitch programmes: 16

Sewing alphabets: 5

Reverse sewing


Maximum embroidery speed (stitches per minute): 680

Built in embroidery design: 70

Embroidery alphabets: 4

Embroidery module: opt

Embroidery design format: EXP

Mega hoop functionality

Free arm embroidery: opt

Onscreen editing of designs: mirroring, rotating, scaling) 

Personal memory for embroidery design

Cut jump stitches

Sequence control


Position recall

BERNINA ArtLink embroidery software (downloadable from

Mirroring, rotating, scaling

Drag and Drop


Blind stitch foot # 5

Buttonhole foot with slide # 3A

Overlock foot # 2A

Reverse pattern foot # 1

Open embroidery foot # 20C

BERNINA metal bobbins

BERNINA rotary hook bobbin case for embroidery

Zipper foot # 4D

Free-arm slide on table for more sewing space

Embroidery module bag


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