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Bernina 215 Simply Red

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 BERNINA 215 Simply Red

Easy handling for a wide range of sewing options

The all new BERNINA 215 Simply Red at a red hot price
The B 215 Simply Red is a user-friendly sewing machine boasting robust technology, exclusive BERNINA features and a contemporary design. The B 215 Simply Red is available at an attractive price allowing sewing newbies to tap into the BERNINA world.


Customised “skins”: Your own personal BERNINA 215 Simply Red

Who says a sewing machine always has to look the same? For the BERNINA 215 Simply Red, there’s a very special option available: with BERNINA DesignSkins®, you can turn your BERNINA 215 Simply Red into an unmistakeable, entirely individual one-off. To do this, you can either select your favourite design from the various designs available at BERNINA DesignSkins®
, or use your own photos or graphics to lend an individual look to your BERNINA 215 Simply Red. Your design is printed on an easy-to-apply vinyl skin, enabling you to style your BERNINA 215 Simply Red according to your wishes and preferences –it doesn’t get any more individual than that!   

Perfect BERNINA stitch quality

The CB hook system ensures perfect stitch quality and thread tension,and is easy to clean. With the 11 most important stitch types and a manual multistep buttonhole, the B 215 Simply Red meets all your basic requirements.

Fast and powerful sewing

The powerful motor (900 stitches per minute) boasts high needle penetration power, so you can also sew thick and multi-layered fabrics.  


5 presser feet included

The B 215 Simply Red is well equipped with sewing tools, including 5 presser foot soles, and grows to keep pace with your skills. You can individually upgrade the basic model with a wide range of special accessories, thereby expanding your sewing options.

Easy threading

Right from the start, the BERNINA 215 lets you enjoy the optimum convenience of a Swiss precision sewing machine that’s revealed particularly in the details: for instance, its built-in needle threader which lets you rethread the machine when changing spools in the blink of an eye. This saves time and is a genuine help. The BERNINA 215 Simply Red proves that even state-of-the-art sewing-machine technology needn’t be complicated, and leaves nothing to be desired as an easy-to-operate sewing machine. Ideal for beginners or occasional sewers! Simple, safe sewingAt the touch of a button, the BERNINA 215 Simply Red lets you set your needle to stop up or down in the fabric. What’s more, the sewing speed of the BERNINA 215 Simply Red can be reduced to half-tempo with the optional slide speed control. You always maintain control over the sewing speed and the position of the needle when the sewing process is stopped. Since sewing speed can be adjusted to your personal abilities, even beginners can expect high-quality results.

Your desired stitch at the touch of a button

The BERNINA 215 Simply Red offers you a range of the most commonly used practical stitches which are simply set at the touch of a button. Large, clear icons next to the direct-selection keys display the stitch in question, so that you can change the stitch at the press of a button. Thanks to this simple direct stitch selection, the BERNINA 215 is a uniquely user-friendly machine – a combination of versatility and simple handling that will give you years of sewing enjoyment.

General information

Hook system: CB

Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute): 900

LED sewing lights: LED

Maximum stitch width: 5.5

Maximum stitch length: 5

Needle positions: 9

Sewing in each needle position 

Semi automatic needle threader

Manual thread cuter: 3

Memory (short term/altered stitch) 

Start/Stop button (stitching without foot control): opt

Slide speed control: opt

Changing stitch settings while sewing

Needle stop up/down

BERNINA foot control with kick back function: opt

Built in needle threader

Stitch control

BERNINA free arm slide-on table 

Accessories box/bag

Dust cover

Sewing and Quilting

Number of stitch patterns (including alphabet) total: 11

Utility stitches total: 10

Button holes (including eyelet) total: 1

Manual muti-step buttonhole

Button sew-on programme

Darning programmes: 1


Blind stitch foot # 5

Buttonhole foot # 3

Overlock foot # 2

Reverse pattern foot # 1

BERNINA metal bobbins

The snap on shank - Practical and quick

Zipper foot # 4

Slide on free arm table


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